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Manufacturing & Distribution

In-line manufacturing and distribution connect of Incense and Dhoop sticks.
  • We are operational partners as direct distribution centres for our parent organisation M/s. Dhoop Chaon & Co. which primarily initiated its journey in the year 1964 and now excels with complete in-house manufacturing cycle for dhoop and incense sticks.
  • Our parent organisation M/s. Dhoop Chaon & Co. has strong relationships with other companies and is also an OEM supplier to many established brands pan-India.
  • The factory operations are managed at Mumbai and around industrial units including our own import house, productions units, drying units and perfumery which enables us to create a competitive and a bench mark pricing.
  • We reflect our capacity, planning and creation experiences to bring products sized from 4 inches to 10 feet that burns from around 30+ minutes to 18 hours and beyond.
  • We also deal in products that has the unique property and help to keep "a" mosquito free environment. We have been the pioneers in this segment.
  • We have dhoop sticks without any internal wooden/bamboo support also meeting requirements of many religious communities.
  • Leveraging the skills of our qualified team, the incense sticks are conventional stick, herbal based and shining colourful metallic sticks.
  • We do bring a unique creation of traditional Gugal that we are rejuvenating the product since 1970s and the creation is unlike the highly smoking commercially available black dhoop sticks.
  • The products are tested for QA approvals under the office of the director who is the leadership of the establishment that also confirms a better retention of the aroma and very less smoke.
  • Our product reflects aromas of our earthy beautiful flowers and wide range of fruits to the modern day requirement of oudhs and valentine.

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